How old do you have to be to get intrinsic with us?

How old do you have to be to get intrinsic?

With It Depends On Us being a movement launched by college students and intrinsic thinking being something you can’t just have an opinion about – you actually have to do something to wake it up inside you – a question came up: How old do you have to be to be a part of It Depends On Us? Or, how young can a person be and still “get” it?

We were trying to decide and were thinking a Junior in college or around 20 years old was good. My 18 year old brother proved me wrong, dead wrong. He wanted to know about it and intrinsic thinking could do for him. So he signed up for a class. Here is a text conversion he and I had and he’s only just started:

q- class was pretty good today, I got coodos from the coach
z- sweet
q- ya I realized that she was coaching everyone the way she was talking to us and the way she phrased every question to bring forth our best thinking and to summarize our own experience etc…. Said she was surprised I could spot everything she was doing. Everyone wanted more examples and I was like listen right now, your getting all you need and dont even realize it lol
z- hehe, cool, it takes people long to figure that out, awesome. See old age can hinder some of them.
q-yup, ill get on the coaching next week ha, I didn’t volunteer this time and I should have….
z- some advise is to be coached in the upcoming weeks first before you coach.
q- that’s the plan…but if we do round robin coaching again, ill do it, I knew what questions to ask…

My little bro, about to graduate high school, likes to think about thinking. This is great because it’s the source of everything we are, do, give, get and have in life. I think it’s awesome that he’s 18 and his eyes are opening wider than many who are much older than him. (you become wise once you tap into your intrinsic!) I already knew and now he knows, too, that the only change that’s really going to create the change our world needs starts with us and that’s why It Depends On Us!

Zach Phelan, Intrinsic Coach®, ASU Class of 2011


What happens when you get it?

The way I view life, people, situations, events, ideas, problems, and many more aspects of life have completely changed after the first 12 week Series. I see everything in a new light that most people don’t see. I image it as being if I was only seeing black and white my entire life and after this class I could see all the colors, for the first time ever. It is absolutely amazing!

I have a new clarity in my life that was never there before, I am able find out exactly what I want and take the steps to get there. It sounds easy to say now, but think about actually finding out the exact goal I want and being able to achieve it.

The first Series has also unlocked a new level of self management for me, which in turn has really lowered my stress levels. Along with my self management has come a new self direction and an increase in productivity. I have never been lazy, but now when there is a lot on my plate, like finals week, I can get through it with ease.

Finally the first Series has given me wisdom. There is a reason it’s called Intrinsic Intelligence. Our world and what we learn in school is filled with two ways of thinking but now I’ve learned a third way, the intrinsic way. To learn the intrinsic way is to become wise.

I’m in my second Series now and can’t wait to see where it takes me.

- Zach Phelan, Intrinsic Coach®, ASU Class of 2011